Sexual Violence Awareness Month – Audio Program

Have you ever thought about how important it is that people have a choice about being involved in sexual activity?

Have you ever wondered what Consent is and why it is so important?

Women say: “Get a Yes!” before Sexual Activity

In October 2016 as part of Sexual Violence Awareness Month (SVAM), a group of women from Brisbane got together to talk about CONSENT.

The group was made up of young women, and women of all ages, who were connected to Zig Zag and two other community organisations in Brisbane. The women wanted to talk about Consent, as it is such an important part of any sexual activity and people need to understand what consent means, and how to make sure it is present.

Out of the women’s conversation “Get a Yes!”, a community service series was produced. “Get a Yes!” is a 10 part series that shares women’s ideas and experiences around consent. It includes conversation from the women’s initial group session, as well as some follow-up interviews with women and workers from around Brisbane.

The series explores what consent is, and what it isn’t, and the impact it has on creating a positive culture around respectful and ethical sexual activity.

Consent is a legal obligation which everyone is bound by in Australia. If Consent is not present, then sexual assault is happening. Remember the victim/survivor is NEVER to blame.

Listen to the Program

LISTEN to or DOWNLOAD (via Soundcloud) the series now to hear what women had to say!