Zig Zag works with young women experiencing homelessness, due to the specific experience and differing issues attached to women’s homelessness. The numbers of women experiencing homelessness are increasing in Australia. One reason for this may be greater number of women that experience domestic and family violence. Women are also at greater risk of experiencing assault or further violence whilst experiencing homelessness. Women are also more vulnerable whilst experiencing homelessness as they often are accompanied by children.

Zig Zag understand the high level of risk associated with women’s experiences of homelessness, and attempts to prevent further adversity through providing independent, supported accommodation for young women and young mothers. This supports women to transition out of the cycle of homelessness, without being forced into staying in domestic or family violence households or experiencing further adversity during a couch surfing experience.

As there are gaps in the research and knowledge around women’s specific experience of homelessness, Zig Zag engages with the greater Brisbane community to provide training and information around these issues. Zig Zag also connects and provides support and information to the wider community through engaging in annual community events including Youth Homelessness Matters Day, Homeless Connect, Sexual Violence Awareness Month (SVAM), NAIDOC, and Pride.

In need of housing help?

A young person or someone close to them can ring Zig Zag on 3843 1823 or email intake@zigzag.org.au and ask to speak to one of our intake workers.