VOICES for Change

In 2018, Zig Zag Young Women’s Resource Centre Inc was a successful recipient of Sexual Violence Prevention grant funding from the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.

The two-day digital storytelling workshop directly benefited young women who are survivors of sexual violence by providing a safe and supported space to come together; articulate their stories; improve their knowledge of digital storytelling; build capacity to become self-advocates; and prepare young women to express their voices for social change in the broader community and participate in violence prevention efforts.

The workshop delivered young women with techniques and strategies to produce low tech/low cost, powerful short videos. Special attention was given to sharing ways to structure and film an interview, and to construct visually engaging videos with a clearly defined community message.

The grant provided a unique opportunity for Zig Zag to develop new youth friendly, culturally relevant, digital and print resources to promote important community messages developed by young women for young women and the community, for the prevention of sexual violence against young women.

We would like to acknowledge the courage shown by these young women in speaking up and speaking out on sexual violence.

The digital and print resources will be widely distributed throughout Queensland, and will be easily accessed through our website or please contact us directly to discuss further distribution needs. Zig Zag will further promote and distribute this essential peer resource within our community education and violence prevention activities undertaken throughout the year.

This project was proudly funded by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.

The VOICES for Change Videos

The VOICES for Change Posters