Zig Zag believes it is important to receive feedback from young women who are participating in counselling and for us to hear your views about what did and did not work for you. Your feedback will help us to meet your needs and the needs of other young women. If you would like to share your thoughts then please respond to any or all of the following questions. Thank you!

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    Did you find it helpful to have you found counselling at Zig Zag?

    Did you feel heard and understood by your counsellor?

    Was the way the counsellor worked helpful for you?

    Did you and the counsellor talk about what you wanted to talk about?

    Since coming to counselling, do you feel more able to deal with challenges in your life?

    What changes have you noticed in yourself since participating in counselling at Zig Zag?

    What has been most helpful about participating in counselling at Zig Zag?

    Are there things that your counsellor could do to improve your experience of counselling?

    Did you receive any written information / resources in counselling?

    If yes, did you find them useful?

    Zig Zag is interested to know if counselling positively influences your life in an ongoing way. To find this out we would like to contact you again in the future, via phone or e-mail, to ask a few questions. We understand that some people may not want to have future contact once they have finished counselling at Zig Zag so we would like your specific permission for us to do this. When we do this follow-up we would not identify Zig Zag until we were speaking directly with you.

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