CONSENT is a really important part of safe, respectful and enjoyable relationships. It is always necessary for any intimate/sexual activity.

If you are wondering about what CONSENT means then maybe some of the following will help:

  • Consent is a word that is often used in connection to some type of intimate or sexual activity. (It is actually a word the law uses to help define what is okay and not okay in relation to sexual activity.)
  • Consent is when a person totally, fully, willingly, knowingly and happily, agrees to be part of an activity.
  • It means that two people both agree to do something.
  • Consent can only happen when there is NO PRESSURE.
  • Consent is about RESPECTING another person’s decision to say yes, or to say no.
  • Consent is necessary for any intimate or sexual contact.
  • Consent means feeling comfortable to say yes, and feeling comfortable to say no.
  • If you are wanting to be physically close or intimate with someone you need to make sure that the person is happy to be close and intimate with you – that they Consent.
    • The best way to make sure consent is present is TO ASK!
  • IF someone is consenting they might say:
    • Yahoo! Yes please! ☺
    • Great, I would love to do that!
  • If you are checking to see if someone consents or agrees with what you would like to do you could say:
    • Do you want to do this?
    • Does this feel okay for you?
    • What would you like to do?
    • I don’t mind whether we do this or not – I only want to do this if you want to do it too.

In making sure that consent is present, it can be helpful to know what it looks like when consent is not happening.

Consent is NOT:

  • When someone says ‘I’m not sure’,
  • When there is silence,
  • When someone is drunk and doesn’t know what is happening
  • When someone says ‘I really like you, but….’

Consent CANNOT be given when someone is … Forced, feeling intimidated or afraid, or is not aware of what is happening.

Not having consent is not okay, and sexual activity without consent is actually a crime.

Need to talk?

A young woman or someone close to her can ring Zig Zag on 3843 1823 and ask to speak to one of our sexual assault workers.