VOICES for Change 3: Tiddas Day Event

Zig Zag, Sister’s Inside, Digital Storytellers, Yarraka Bayles (cultural facilitator) and a number of First Nations’ organisations and business providers, including Murri Menu collaborated to deliver the first Tiddas Day event for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women at Jagera Community Hall in Meanjin (Brisbane) on the 24 May 2021. The event focused on celebrating and engaging young First Nations’ women, through a range of self-nurturing activities and wellbeing services.

The Tiddas Day Event also provided an opportunity for young women to gain knowledge, skills and techniques in Digital Storytelling and to share important messages and stories through digital media, with a follow up workshop at Camp Hill, with young women participants interested in continuing filming and production.

The digital resources include videos and posters.

Healing Is Possible Digital Download

This downloadable digital version of the 2nd Edition of Zig Zag resource Healing Is Possible, is a small booklet that covers myths about sexual assault, medical and health information, effects of abuse and information on counselling and support groups. Compiled by young women and Zig Zag workers.

Speak Up. Speak Out.

This project engaged young African women to share experiences of homelessness; disconnection from family and/or community; domestic and/or sexual violence; to create culturally appropriate resources for other young African women. Peer education provides valuable opportunities for young women to share their knowledge and build awareness and resilience that will contribute to community prevention efforts.

The resources include a video and posters.

voice for change poster

VOICES for Change

This two-day digital storytelling workshop directly benefited young women who are survivors of sexual violence by providing a safe and supported space to come together; articulate their stories; improve their knowledge of digital storytelling; build capacity to become self-advocates; and prepare young women to express their voices for social change in the broader community and participate in violence prevention efforts.

The resources include a video and posters.