Healthy relationships!

Green flags in relationships

Your partner gets along with your friends & family, but also encourages you to spend time with them on your own.

Your partner respects your independence and need for alone time/time away from one another.

You feel safe and comfortable to have difficult conversations – you know they’ll always try to work it out.

Your partner is able to say “sorry”.

Your partner values and respects your hobbies and interests.

You and your partner have open communication – you’re able to reach a shared understanding of each others’ perspectives.

Your partner checks in on you when you seem down or upset.

Your relationship adds value to your life – it does not add extra stress, pain or worry.

You feel free to be yourself around your partner.

Red flags in relationships

Your partner doesn’t want you hanging out with other people (they’re jealous).

When you say “No”, your partner keeps pushing until you change your mind.

Your partner tracks your location and has passwords to your social media.

Your partner puts you down – makes mean comments about how you dress or what you eat.

Your partner never leaves you alone and needs to be around you 24/7.

Your partner says mean things about your friends and family.

You feel like there are things you can’t say to your partner because you know they’ll react badly.

Your partner blames you for their bad behaviour.

When they hurt you, they say it’s your fault or because they love you too much.

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