“A place of healing, support and social action for young women”


Zig Zag provides a place of healing, support, and social action and change for young women aged 12-25 years. As a feminist service, we are committed to working alongside young women and acknowledging their expertise in their own lives. We acknowledge that social, political, cultural and economic contexts limits young women’s power, creating vulnerability and disadvantage. In particular, Zig Zag provides services to young women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and young women who are survivors of sexual violence.

Zig Zag recognises the diversity amongst young women, staff and management committee and values the unique experience, knowledge and skills each woman contributes. We work in a way that is collaborative, inclusive, supportive and respectful. Zig Zag is committed to ethical practice and a process of continuous reflection and development that is informed by young women, practice wisdom and shared knowledge.


COLLABORATION … we use decision making processes, which encourage input from all involved to reach consensus before action is taken.

HONESTY AND TRUST … we believe that in order to work respectfully and together with each other and with young women, we must value and be honest to others and to ourselves; thereby building and maintaining trust in our relationships.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVENESS … we value the difference owned and experienced by all women from all cultures, religions, sexualities, classes, ages, abilities and ethnicity's. We will:

  • value and honour difference;
  • challenge dominant social structures which disadvantage minority groups;
  • understand how class, gender and race issues in society affect the use and abuse of power.

PROCESS AND PRODUCT …we value and are committed to consistently seeking processes for working with each other and young women that are respectful, shared and inclusive, with the goal of reaching a desired outcome.

RESPECT and SAFETY … we value safe and respectful processes by:

  • listening to young women and to each other and respecting their input and opinions.
  • behaving in a supportive manner that encourages and cares for others.
  • acting from a space of understanding and not making assumptions/judgments.

CREATIVITY … we are innovative in all aspects and levels of work within Zig Zag.

CHALLENGES … Zig Zag is prepared to assist young women in overcoming adversity and to view these challenges as a positive process that will lead to their empowerment.