Zig Zag Published Resources for Young Women:

Healing is Possible $3.85
This resource is a small booklet that covers myths about sexual assault, medical and health information, effects of abuse and information on counselling and support groups. This booklet is also available in Spanish and Serbian.

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Zig Zag Published Resources for Human Services Workers and Professionals

Connecting the Threads $25
This is a resource for generalist workers who find themselves working with young women who have experienced sexual abuse. This resource provides very practical information, skills and tools that workers can use when working with young women wither individually or within groups.  This resource was originally published by Zig Zag in 1989, and remained so popular that Zig Zag decided to review and update the information and will be re-publishing a revised edition in mid-2009.

Lighting the Path - ON SPECIAL – now only $5 (click here for Order Form)
“Lighting the Path” is a series of papers written by experienced sexual assault workers from around Australia.  This resource explores feminist counselling practice with young women who have experienced sexual violence.  The 15 chapters explore a range of topics, including the current context of feminist counselling practice, use of interpreters when working with young women from diverse cultural backgrounds, and creating a safe environment in trauma counseling.  Other topics covered include working with young women in specific settings such as Aboriginal communities and specific issues for young women survivors such as self-harm, self – blame and sexuality.  This resource incorporates a range of intervention methods with the intention of harnessing the immense practice wisdom that comes from years of experience of working in this challenging area.

Working with Young Women who Self-harm: A Resource for Workers $11
This resource provides general information about what self-harm is and how is experienced by young women.  It provides a general overview of how to work effectively with young women who self-harm and stresses the importance of worker self-reflection in this process.  This resource also explores the use of mindfulness in supporting young women who self harm, both individually and in a group context. It outlines a young women’s understanding of self harm and how’s it’s used in recovery from sexual assault. The resource discussed concepts for workers supporting young women who self- harm and offers guidelines for the group setting.

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